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Quinta and a half was founded in 2006 and today the members are at the forefront of the contemporary acappella scene in Israel, both as performers and as educators.


In 2011, the band debuted with the show "Acappella Nekuda" ("Acappella Fullstop"), an educational show that addresses pupils of all ages. This is a once in a life time interactive musical experience, which aims to stimulate their scenes and open a window into the wonderful world of contemporary acappella.

The show includes explanations and live demonstrations of musical elements from the world of acappella, during which the students themselves experience creation of harmonies and sounds. At the end of each show, the students are always intrigued by the phenomena and have the opportunity to ask the group questions.

Since 2011 Quinta and a Half has appeared before thousands of students all over Israel. Till today, they continue to tour the country, influencing and educating the younger generation to harmony, and a different aspect of creativity.

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