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Quinta.5 & Elai Botner

A musical collaboration with the Israeli band "Elai Botner and the outside children".

The project was initiated by Israel's main radio station "Galgalatz", to promote the upcoming concert of the rock band Queen in Israel.

Don't Stop Me Now - Quinta.5 & Elai Botner
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Quinta.5 & Guri Alfi

An Elton John Medley with the famous comedian Guri Alfi. Guri contacted Quinta.5 for arranging and performing this medley as a birthday gift dor his wife.

Elton John Medley - Quinta.5 & Guri Alfi
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Arik Einstein tribute concert

Collaboration with actor and singer Moni Moshonov and, for a special tribute to one of the most important Israeli singers, Arik Einstein.

Adon Shoko - Quinta.5 & Moni Moshonov
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